December 23, 2010

NATURAL-ly to my heart

My twin sister Mallory is the best, everybody knows that! You know what makes her exceptional?? She knows the secret to my heart. As most people we know have learned, the two of us are obsessed, I mean OBSESSED with "Nugs" (Florida's Natural Nuggets). They are these gummy "healthy treats" we have after every meal, for a little snack, too many times on a daily basis. We have even gotten others hooked, yes don't be shy boys and girls. 
For "our" birthday she surprised me and ordered these little packs of heaven straight to our door. They do not look like this at the grocery store, which makes them all the more special! 
 These are the cutest little things ever
 What's the best flavor? Well you will have to go see for yourself!

Normally this blog is not for updates about my life, I just had to spread the good news to all of you, and brag about my sister of course!! Go buy some yummies!!

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