February 5, 2011

Young at Art

Ah, yes. Therapy. Daily wondering how I can glorify our Creator with my life and use the talents I have been so faithfully given, these are what the Lord did through me this past week. If you want to be the future owner of any of these, let me know! 

These next two are inspired from my best friend's mission trip to Costa Rica where the love of God was widely shared and so evident in their daily activities. It was the longest we had ever been apart...10 whole DAYS. Tears were shed and e-mails shared, and it was so cool to see the other half of me serving her life for His kingdom, words cannot express how awesome our God is!! 
(each 9"x12")
 Sunset in Costa Rica
Acrylic paint
Small adobe house in the "city"
(Paint background, sharpie houses and watercolor accents)
Is yours a "house" or "home"? 
This chic acrylic painting is 20"x15" and can be the newest, hippest addition to YOUR house with just an e-mail away :)

Loving life, loving sunshine, loving God's creativity.
YOU have a blessed weekend :)

1 comment:

  1. love the tea painting, it's so cute! and so very convicting....i have been living in a plain ol' house for far too long, it seems