December 19, 2010

Oh, Happy Day!

A very happy and exciting welcome to my very first blog and online "store"! I will post the latest paintings, crafts and gadgets if you will, so you can enjoy them hopefully as much as I love making them! YES, I do take orders and would love to personalize, change-up or tweak items just as you would like...enjoy! Have a blessed day!! :)
**To order, you can e-mail me at Or shoot me a message on Facebook!

*Ok friends and followers, get ready to please your eyes. These little fancies are hand-crafted and designed serving plates for your favorite snack, cookies, cupcakes, anything! Or they can be candle holders, jewelry stands, or whatever else you want it to be! Perfect for a party, holidays, wedding, special event or to brighten up any space.

 *These 4 are already sold, but can be re-made and are a sample of what I can do. I can do collegiate, different themes, or whatever your pretty little heart and big appetite desires.
 *I like to call this one "Roses of Boyfriends Past". Why you ask? Well I love to keep dried flowers and ornament them around my room. No, I am not morbid or a hopeless romantic, I just know how to make things look good :) So, shout-out to you two guys these flowers are from, yes you know who you are. Ha!
 *Fun serving plate! This one is sold already, I can easily do it again for you!
*Just a serving suggestion, with one of my favorites "Moose Munch" from Harry and David. Not having a "skinny jeans" day?! That's okay, munch on some of this! :)

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  1. Cute, cute stuff Meredith! If I had a house in which to entertain guests with layered dessert trays, I'd snatch one right up! But as it is, I live in an old house in College Station where dessert is served on paper plates if you're lucky. *Sigh* of these days..........happy blogging :)